Desktop Client voor Google Vertalen
Standard self-installing package for Windows, recommended
Portable Client voor Google Vertalen
If you don't want to install Client voor Google Vertalen in your system, you can download the portable version of the translator and run it without any installation. You can also store downloaded translator in your USB drive and can carry it with you to use it anywhere you want.
Zip wrapped packages
Download the Zip-wrapped versions of Client voor Google Vertalen packages (Standard and Portable versions of the translator) if you are behind a restrictive firewall which blocks .exe files.
Download een woordenboek
U kunt ook de mogelijkheden van de vertaler tot versie Pro uitbreiden, en gratis woordenboeken downloaden.

Versie: 6.0.612

Releasedatum: 2011-11-28
Bestandsgrootte: 2.38 MB
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
Eisen: Internetverbinding
Licentie: Gratis (uitbreiding tegen betaling beschikbaar)

What's new in 6.0?

Now you can quickly switch between Google and Microsoft translators. Google Translation available only for the "Pro" users (1 000 000 characters per license).

"Donate Idle CPU Time" disabled in this version.

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